Random Acts of Kindness.....

7:33 AM

We hear things every year around the Holidays about random Acts of Kindness,  But what would happen if we all decided to do Random Acts of Kindness all the time and not just around the Holidays.

Random Acts of Kindness does not have to mean spending money. It could mean helping your neighbor carry groceries or taking their trashcans up from the road. Everyday situations present themselves where we can all randomly do an act of kindness for someone else.  I hear people say things all the time like "Why would do that, they are in better shape than we are?"  Well maybe they are, but just say, what if, You were out one day, and you had chosen to dress very nice, you looked like you didn't need the help....but yet you were having a bad day...how would you feel if a stranger bought you a cup of coffee or changed your flat tire or even held the door for you? What if that stranger looked like he did not have a dime to his name, would you tell him not to help you because you were in a better situation or looked more affluent than him?

So my goal for the New Year is to do at least 1 random Act of Kindness each week. Just think if everyone who reads this did an Act of Kindness once a month, how many smiles could we bring to people's faces?

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