Soda Sparkle Review & Giveaway

6:22 PM

Wouldn't it be great if you could make a single serving of sparkling water or soda just for you?

Soda Sparkle can do just that!

Soda Sparkle was very simple to set up and use. You can make enough for one cup or more and everyone can have their very own flavor. I love the fact that it comes with 2 re-useable bottles so even if you have several people to make a drink for, you can do it in one simple step.

The Soda Sparkle comes with 5 Co2 cartridges to start off with and several single serve flavors for you to try.

The first one we tried was the Cola Lemon, and my daughter said it was really good. My favorite was the apple because it tasted like apple juice , which I love.

We had no problems at all following the simple instructions to get our soda within 5 minutes from taking it out of the box.

If you love Sparkling water but hate spending all that money, then this is the perfect thing for you, while at the same time keeping all of those plastic bottles out of  the landfill.

the Soda Sparkle does not need electricity or batteries and simply work with the bottle and a single C02 cartridge. Another great thing about Soda Sparkle is that you never have to worry about over carbonating because the special technology creates just the right amount of carbonation for you easily.

You can currently choose from several flavors they have such as:


This is so easy that even your kids can use it and make their own Sparkling Drinks!

SodaSparkle is giving one of my readers a chance to win their very own Soda Sparkle!

Simple rafflecopter entry below:

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