The 11 Minute Nap Review & Giveaway

8:05 AM

A nap in 11 minutes? Can you really feel recharged and energized in such a short amount of time?

11 Minute Nap: Designed to Recharge your Body and Mind

The answer to that question, is yes, you can.  With The 11 minute Nap from The Live Well Series, you can change your whole day in those simple 11 minutes.

Janet Montgomery is a certified Hypnotherapist who brings you a Cd that plays calming and soothing music and helps you not only to relax but to de-stress and get yourself back on a golden path. Her Cd is simply amazing.

I frequently find myself in this situation daily, where I get stressed, cannot focus and generally just cannot get myself back on track. I started listening to the 11 minute nap a couple of weeks ago and now listen to it on a daily basis. It's easy to just pop the Cd in and sit back in your chair and relax, or if you are like me, I retreat to  a space in which I have no other distractions. 

I love the sound of Janet's voice on the Cd and Jeff Gold's music is music that you can listen to anytime because it just transfixes you with it's energetic, yet soothing tones.

You can listen to a sample of the CD or  purchase the 11 minute nap as well as many other of Jeff & Janet's Cd's HERE

One of my readers also has a chance to win a copy of the 11 minute Nap for themselves ( This would also make a great gift for someone on your list who really needs rejuvenation time)

To enter:

Visit the site HERE and tell me which CD you would love to have for yourself.

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