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6:42 AM

How many of you are still finishing up your shopping? My Husband says last minute literally means the 2 days before Christmas, not the week before, I , however, disagree.

I admit, I still have to buy a few small items for stockings, but everything else is done. 

So where do you find the best deals this late in the game? Hundreds of online stores have free shipping today, which is a huge plus, because those crowds right now are CRAZY!

Are you signed up with Ebates? You are missing out if not, I love getting my Big Fat Check in the mail. Plus they have a list of all the stores offering FREE shipping with guaranteed Christmas delivery today and Cash back.

I know you guys sometimes think I am nuts when I post something and it says, Sign up for their email, etc, but do you realize, over the past year, I have amassed $1235.00 in free credit from signing up for emails and such? That took care of  Birthdays, Christmas, and so much more to the point that we have hardly had to spend much out of pocket this year at all.

We have tons more giveaways coming up for you all, but keep in mind, they probably won't reach you by Christmas. Maybe they can be a New Year surprise :)

I also plan to start a new Blog Series, called :New Year, New You, this will concentrate on exercise and nutrition.

Also, something new you will see over the next 2 weeks is a recipe and menu plan button, I am working on putting it all together and getting ready to launch it right after the New Year. Menu planning is the key to successful coupon shopping and budget planning, so I hope you are ready to save some money.

Also, I ask a few weeks back if anyone was interested in guest posting recipes, post on family, basically anything family friendly. I would love to have some of you write a few post for you in which you receive full credit for your post and if somewhere down the line i can repay you, I will.

I am also looking for a 2nd admin for our facebook page who can post deals throughout the day. This is a position in which the only repayment is the gratitude of our fans. Blogging is not something you make money on, especially not the first year. However, if opportunities come around with reviews that I can't do or need help with, you may get free product in exchange for reviewing it, again, no promises.

So, if anyone is interested in becoming an Admin on the facebook page, please message me on the page or if you are interested in writing a guest post, message me as well or send your post to :

Have a great week everyone and I will be posting as much as I possibly can the next 2 days will be super busy but I will do what I can :)

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