What Christmas is really about.....

7:51 AM

Christmas should be a joyous and fun time of year not only for children but for adults as well. Why spend time stressing out over everything.

So today, I will tell you a story....

11 years ago , right when I was going through a divorce, I had nothing. My kids and I were sleeping on an Air Mattress and did not even have a T.V., I worked 3 jobs just to survive and provide for us. I was stressed over Christmas, but my kids were small and I knew that they would love anything they received even if it wasn't much. Even though I had a college degree, I mainly worked as a waitress because no jobs were available and tips made bills possible.

It was 4 days before Christmas and we had a small tree with just the decorations the kids had made, yet it was the most beautiful tree in the world to me. I knew that whatever tips I made that night would be to buy gifts for my kids for Christmas because there was nothing under the tree. I was ashamed of my situation and no one really knew how bad things were for us and I always tried to pretend everything was fine. 

So the babysitter came, I went to work at 9 p.m. to work the 3rd shift. It was a Tuesday so I knew I would not make much money because we usually only had the regulars come in plus a few others.

So here I am here, 11 p.m. and I had not had 1 customer yet and I truly just wanted to cry. Then, my first regular customer came in and had his coffee...an hour later he left....and on the table for his coffee was a $20 bill for a $1.59 cup of coffee....this continued through out that night, with 4-5 of my regulars leaving large tips, and I knew my kids would have Christmas after all. 

I was ask to work a double shift the next day  and I took the opportunity but the funny thing was, they didn't need me there so it was weird when I ask why they needed an extra and they said, just in case. The tips from regulars kept coming, nothing so much as to make a rent payment but more than usual. That night I went home and snuggled up with my kids because the next day was Christmas Eve. Normally everyone was required to work on Christmas day but thankfully someone had stepped up and offered to work my shift since I was the only one with small kids, so I had Christmas Eve and Day off work. 

My kids and I got up to make breakfast and I was hoping for a couple hours to run to the dollar store to buy a few gifts. As we were finishing breakfast there was a knock on the door, one of my regular coffee drinkers stood there with a huge box wrapped and said here, this is a gift for your kids. I was in tears. Next, another knock and a local church family was standing there and ask to come in and talk with us, I was very impatient with them because I knew time was running out to go get gifts for the kids. They spoke to me for about 5 minutes and then said that they had something for us. The family's 3 kids starting hauling stuff in, many wrapped packages and food and more. I cried like a baby.  They also handed me a gift card with a small amount on it and told me to go and pick something out for my kids and that they would be staying with them while I went shopping.

So, long story made short, I was blessed that Christmas and even though we have had our struggles these past 11 years, I never forget to give back each year no matter how bad the situation could be.

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