Zipz Shoes Review & Giveaway

8:00 PM

I have to admit, I was skeptical about these shoes at first. I imagined getting the zipper stuck and me being a typical blonde, although I claim to be smart, sometimes simple things confuse me.

As you can see, although the shoes look similar , one is Rockstar Pink and the other is  Punk Pink. But technically, they are the same shoes.

Zipz shoes allows you the option of changing the look and color of your shoes anytime you want without actually buying a whole new pair of shoes.

I love all the options they offer. they have Low tops and High tops in styles for Men, Women and Kids.  My kids are now begging for their own pair of Zipz and I'm thinking Christmas! Zipz shoes are the World's first and only interchangeable shoes.

Soon, Zipz shoes will have Leather to offer as well.

Here is a look at some of the other cool designs and colors they have.

So, how exactly do Zipz shoes work? The covers are actually interchangeable and the soles stay the same. You simply zip them on and zip them off to suit your style of the day.

As I was reading the story behind Zipz, I was impressed with the fact that this was a family endeavor right from the start. Although the inventor came up with the idea of interchangeable shoes, his entire family worked and helped to make the concept a reality.

Shoes hoes can be purchased at major online retailers HERE.

The Zipz shoes are very well made and I have no problems changing them out. The zipper itself was very easy to move and did not get stuck even once much to my delight. 

I can honestly say, without a doubt that even Blondes like me can wear these shoes!
My kids ask me if I was actually going to wear them out today ( which I did) because they say they are Hip shoes, not Mom shoes, but I explained to them that I can be a Hip mom too. ( of course they disagreed ) However, I did get a lot of compliments on my shoes today so I showed them!

This pair above is the Punk Pink in Adult Hi Tops, below is the Rockstar in the adult Hi Top.

I personally think that I should keep getting them for myself and make my kids jealous :)

They do have lots of cool styles for kids though, so maybe I will give in and buy them all a Pink pair like mine, well, maybe the boys would not appreciate that, but I bet the girls would love them.

Now are you all ready for the best part? is giving one of my readers a pair of Zipz shoes of their choice from the current lookbook  HERE( Leather is not yet available)

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