Brother's All Natural Review & Giveaway

4:06 PM

In my quest to start eating healthier for a New Year, New You , I tried Brothers all natural fruit freeze dried fruit snacks and oatmeal cups.

I loved the burst of flavor I got from the first bite of the fruit snacks.  My favorite of them all was the Apple Cinnamon which was made with real apples and pure cinnamon and had only  6 grams of sugar  and 9 carbohydrates in the entire package. Brothers All-Natural uses 100 % fruit and the products have no sugar added.

The Fuji Apple was another favorite of mine and contains the only 40 calories per serving ( 1 bag) .

My daughter's favorite was the Asian Pear, which I never got to try because the first bag she demolished quickly and she held the second bag hostage to take as her snack for school the next day. we have to closely monitor her sugar intake so these snacks are perfect for her to take with her to school.

The freeze dried fruit snacks come in several different flavors and I can't wait to try them all.
Fuji Apple
Apple Cinnamon
Asian Pear
Mixed Berry
Mandarin Orange

You will love these and they are so healthy with no added flavors, colors or preservative.

I also had the chance to try the Brothers All-Natural fruit & Oats. I am an Oatmeal lover, but usually prefer the plain or Maple & Brown Sugar varieties. Now that I have tried Brothers all-natural, i cannot see myself eating any other Oatmeal again, they were just that good.

The Fruit & oats are made with 50 % fruit and 50 % Oats. Unlike other brands which are mostly all oats with a little dried fruit thrown in and other preservatives, these are all natural and delicious.

Brothers All-natural is giving one of my readers a chance to win a variety pack for themselves. What a wonderful way to get started on a New Year, New You!

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