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This is a fun giveaway from my friend Allison at the  Rosy snail and there will be a ton of winners. I want one of these for myself! Candy Store Cosmetic Bags are just awesome . who wouldn't love to win one of these for Valentine's Day?

It’s no secret that I love makeup and I have quite a stash of makeup bags, but my newest addition to my collection takes the cake! This is my brand new Cosmetic Pouch by Candy Store Style in the color Cherry. I’m sure you’ve seen these around- they are really popular where I live and I see them in retailers like Sephora and Ulta but also in grocery stores and department stores. I can’t go out shopping without at least one Candy Store Style spotting!
These cosmetic pouches are made from stretchy silicone makes them super flexible and soft. This bag is pretty big a 7″ long by 4.75″ tall and 1.5″ deep. That means it can fit a LOT of product! (plus any other necessities you might need, like your phone and credit card)
DSCN7464It also features a cute “gumball” closure that snaps open and close to keep all your goodies inside.
Having a silicone cosmetic carrying case is certainly unique, but now that I’ve got one, I’m wondering why I’ve never had one before! This silicone material in easy to clean even if you get marks from eyeliner, lipstick or even waterproof cosmetics. You can wipe the material down with wet wipes and go. Plus, the silicone is slightly padded giving the klutz in me a little bit more room to relax in the event that I drop this pouch with my favorite cosmetics inside!
Candy Store Style has also agreed to give away 14 Cosmetic Pouches in Cherry Red away to 14 readers to help us Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Enter below to win!

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