Day 10 - 100 Mini Challenges: New Year, New You

5:00 PM

The Picture says it all, even when you think you can't...You can!

It's Day 10, which means we are 1/10 of the way through our 100 mini challenges. I can't wait to see who stays with me through all 100 because at the end of the 100 days some lucky people are going to get some very nice gifts, as are various people throughout the challenges that I see commenting and participating.

 Day 10 ( January 16, 2013) Play a game with your family or do something with your family that does not cost money  ( something other than making dinner or cleaning)

This one will be an easy one for me, because we love to play board games with the kids and my son wants to play his new monopoly game. I really want to get some new board games for our family, we have close to 30 but there are so many more out there.

If your family is not a board game kind of family, think of other fun ways you can spend time with everyone.

So, please share with me, what will you do with your family tonight? 

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