Day 24 : 100 Mini Challenges, New Year, New You

6:30 AM

Day 24 has arrived...and I have to wonder who is still following a long with me.

Some say you don't see them post on Facebook, but anytime you do not see the post you can always come on the blog and look under the New Year, New You tab for the latest challenges.

Jan 29, 2013 : Day 24:

This is a 2 part challenge

Part 1 : Eat healthy snacks today ( no cakes, cookies, etc...instead go for fruit, whole wheat crackers, or something to that effect)

Part 2: Write down 5 things you love about yourself and keep it in your purse, on your nightstand, desk, somewhere easily accessible

I can do this, now it's your turn!

I want to give some more participation prizes out once I see who all is actually following a long!

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