Day 5 : 100 Mini Challenges : New Year, New You

6:50 PM

Yay! We have made it to day 5 of our 100 Mini challenges and I am loving that so many of you are participating. 

Day 5 ( Jan 11, 2013) : Do the 5 minute de-clutter 

This one may be challenging for some but I promise once you do it, it will become a habit and it truly makes life easier.  

Spend 5 minutes in each room of your house de-cluttering ( you can enlist your whole family in on this one)

Why spend an entire day each week just cleaning and doing housework? If you spend 5 minutes per room each day, it will free up that much needed time that you normally spend cleaning house each week. If you have 6 rooms in your house  you can give people the rooms they are in charge of and give them instructions on what you expect in those 5 minutes. 

We used to do this and got out of the habit when life got busy but I want to get back to it because it is such a time saver in the end.

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