Day 8: 100 Mini Challenges: New Year, New You

6:00 PM


We did it! We made it through week 1 and it has been awesome, I lost 2 pounds this week just by doing the challenges and watching how much I ate.

Day 8 ( January 14, 2013)  Make a weekly menu plan  based on sales & coupons

The best way to accomplish this is to organize your coupons first, either in your binder or whichever method you use. Once your coupons are organized, set down with the sale paper and look at what's on sale, can you match any of your coupons to the sales? Is pork low enough that you can add it to your menu? ( My price for boneless pork loin is no more than $1.98 pound) 

What foods do you have on hand already? can you make any meals out of what you have or can you incorporate your on hand foods in to your new menu?

Are you going to have a super busy week? If so can you make a few crockpot meals? I meal plan for atleast 7 days at a time, sometimes making sure I have enough on hand for an 8th day in case I don't have time to shop again. 

How about a leftover night as you get toward the end of the week?

Take all things in to consideration and make your menu plan, that's the first key to start saving money.

So what are you having this week? 

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