EnergyX Gum & LipBalm

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Middle of the Morning? Low on Energy? Dry Lips?

I bet you wonder what those three things have in's Energy X!

How about a lip balm that also energizes you just when you need it?


EnergyX lip balm come sin five amazing flavors and I have tried them all.

Berry Blast
Fruit Punch
Grape Rush

The flavors are not only tasty but they do provide you with an energy boost and the EnergyX lip Balm also provides you with an SPF-30.

EnergyX Lip balm is a energy infused lip balm that you can apply when you need a pick me up. It gives you a quick burst of energy in just a matter of minutes that last quiet awhile.

Need more of a Boost? Why not try some EnergyX Gum?

Energy Gum

Energy-X Gum is a fully charged, spearmint flavored chewing gum containing 55mg of caffeine. This gum delivers the punch you are looking for without all the sugar and costs of energy drinks.

The gum actually has the taste of any other Spearmint gum that I have tried before and that's usually the only flavor of gum I will buy so it works well for my taste buds.

I always find myself with a mid-morning and mid-afternoon slump and I just don't like taking energy pills or drinking energy drinks, so the EnergyX Lip Balm and Gum are perfect and I make sure to carry them with me everywhere I go now. I know that I always have a quick pick me up no matter what and with my constantly busy lifestyle, this helps get me through my daily "slumps"!

EnergyX is offering 5...yes you heard right...5 winners a chance to win A Lip Balm and Gum each

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