Fabulous Fan Giveaway : Tons of Prizes

8:32 PM

My Fans are Fabulous!

It has been a great year for me, and I enjoy blogging so much. I love the fact that so many of you interact with me on a daily basis and that I can share everything with you all. I have decided to honor you , my fans, by giving you a giveaway you will never forget!

first of all I want to say Thank you for all that you do, the comments, the post, the love you show me on a daily basis. You can't know how much that has meant to me.

So without further ado....take a look at some of the great prizes you can win, and for every 500 entries, I plan to throw a new prize in the mix as well. for every 25 new fans, i also add a new prize...I am at 3860 fans as of this post....so we will count from there.

The Cravebox will actually be a big game Crave Box ( Not the cooking Light Box in the Pic)

A Soda Sparkle Starter Set

A Starbucks Gift Card with a secret value amount

(2) Sally Hansen Crackel Polishes

(1) $100 Coupon Envelope

(1) $10.00 Amazon or Paypal

(1) $10.00 WalMart Gift Card

 I am also adding 1 item to a box...for all the additional items I add from above, I will add to the box...This could be a big haul!

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