Give me your ideas and you might win a prize!

8:13 AM


Next Month is my 10 year Anniversary as well as his 40th Birthday and Valentine's Day and I really want to do something special.

We really don't care for going to the movie's unless we are taking the kid's, but I would love to hear your idea's on what I can do to make it a special week or even day. 

I am doing a cake and such for his birthday when we have our Super Bowl Party when we have friend's over, but for our Anniversary I am really at a loss. we always said we wanted to take another cruise on our 10 year but that just isn't possible now because we have sole custody of the little one's now without any help. We don't have family in the area so it just isn't an option ( not to mention we don't have the funds lol)

So, let's hear your best idea's and If i use your idea, you will get something special from me!

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