How Coupons Changed My Life By : Tara S.

10:59 AM

I am choosing to write my 1st entry on couponing...I could choose so many things but I will go this route..

About 2 years ago I seen a lot of my friends commenting on Facebook about how much money they were saving by going to Coupon Class. So I checked into it and decided to give it a try. The class cost $5 & for $6 we got 10 papers  so I was getting all my inserts for $11 bucks is how I a weekly work up of all our local stores.  

Well I had no idea what I was about to get myself into, nor did I know how it was gonna change my life. I failed to mention that I have a family of 4 and I was the only one bringing in income cause my husband had 4 ruptured disc in his back. And we could not get him disability. Therefore we were on foodstamps...& I was so embarrassed!!!

 People talk about dead beats being the ones that used foodstamps and I knew I wasn't a dead beat but it was still embarrassing to me. SOOO my teacher sat down with me and planned out my 1st shopping trip!! I told her I didn't want to buy anything we didn't use and she said HONEY, there are some money makers this week and you can just donate those  to a church or friends. 

I had all my coupons out and matched to my list when I entered Kroger. I will never forget how nervous I was at the checkout but I had exactly the amount of items in my cart that was on my list.  It's funny how that total still remains in my mind... $356 before Kroger card or coupons and after $127 & of course I paid with my EBT CARD. 

The next day I went to human service office and told my worker that I wouldn't need as much aid cause I was gonna be using coupons. She didn't take any away from me she just said IF MORE PEOPLE WOULD TRY TO SAVE LIKE THIS IT WOULD BE WONDERFUL...BUT IT'S PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT DESERVE THE HELP.

But I started every week with my coupons and by the next time to update for my card...I didn't!!! So I say that coupons saved me from the most embarrassing time in my life!!! I love knowing that I can and will go shopping and pay cash for my family's food!!! It's been 2 years and I am still a single income family. My husband had back surgery but still unable to work & we have tons of Dr bills but we can sure eat good!!! I know we will be fine in time & I will keep on with my COUPONING!!! $11 a week is NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO BEING ABLE TO CLEAN MY HOUSE, WASH OUR CLOTHES, & FILL OUR BELLIES FOR MONTHS...FOR LESS THAN A WEEKS PAYCHECK!!!

By: Tara S.

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