10:40 PM

If your kids are anything like mine, the list they have for Christmas is a mile long. A few years back, we finally came up with a plan that seemed to work for us and the kids.

It always seemed like we got this long list from each kid, so we have 7 long list and we had to pick and choose what to get off the list and add a few things not on the list, somehow we ended up with disappointed kids, not that they said anything, they were polite and thankful, but a parent can just tell. 

We came up with a plan ( Ok, by WE i mean me, but hubby was all for it)

Each kid could give us a list, but, they had to put the top 5 things at the top of the list. We also came up with a limit for each kid and that limit also included anything we bought that was not on the list. We always try to get the Number #1 item on the list if it is possible and within the limit we have set.

So how do we manage to shop for 7 kids for Christmas without breaking the bank?

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