Influenster: Holiday Vox Box Review

3:32 PM

This was my very first Influenster Vox Box and I was so excited when it got here. I received the Holiday Vox Box which contained some very nice high quality items that I was super excited to try.

First in the box was my Goody Microfiber Paddle brush. I was a bit hesitant at first but I can tell you, this brush is amazing! My hair is long, thick and very wavy. I used my Goody Microfiber brush when I blow dried my hair and it cut my drying time down by almost 15 minutes, which was a huge plus. The brush is very easy to keep clean and it dries super quick as well. Overall, I loved the brush and would recommend it highly, especially if you have thick hair.

Next up was My Quaker Oatmeal Real Medleys. I had thought about trying this for awhile but never did until now. I love Oatmeal but I usually prefer the plain or Maple Cinnamon but the Apple Walnut Oatmeal was really good and I will be buying it in the future.

The KISS nail dress fashion nails were super easy to apply. I wasn't a big fan of the design but , the nail stick-ons were great and super easy. I think, had I of let my daughter out them on she would have worn them for as long as she could and begged for more. 

The Natural energy E-Boost was better than I could have expected. As with most energy products you feel a sure in heart rate and usually a dry mouth in my case, but with E-Boost, that did not happen and I did get a surge of energy which was great right when I 
needed it.

The NYC Color lip gloss was very nice. I keep it in my purse because it is great when you need to re-apply or brighten up your lips throughout the day. It is not sticky and last quiet awhile .  The color was just perfect for me, not too dark , just right and blends nicely no matter what I am wearing or what shades of makeup I have on that day.

Overall, My first Influenster Vox Box was a huge hit with me and I can't wait to get my next one!

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