January: What's on Sale This Month

9:33 AM

Wondering what's on sale this month ? Some months are good grocery stock up month's, other month's you can find great deals on other things.


Any diet food items, you should be able to find plenty of coupons to match sales for diet and Health food items this month.

Oatmeal and other hot cereals ( and most all Quaker products) My stock up price for Oatmeal is $1 or less per large tub. I can usually buy enough in January to last 6 months or more depending on expiration date.

Hot beverages such as Hot Cocoa and spiced teas and ciders will hit rock bottom this month so watch for not only sales but clearance as well.

Personal care items such as razors, shampoo, etc usually get to rock bottom prices simply because people tend to spend less money on these items right after the Holidays, so coupons, sales and clearance can usually put you in the free or very cheap range.

  • White sales: Hit stores and online to find the largest savings of the year on table linens, bedding and towels.
  • HDTVs: Watch for deep discounts just before the Super Bowl. Not in the budget now? They also go on sale in March and December.
  • Fitness equipment: Retailers are cashing in on New Year's resolutions—take advantage of huge price cuts to jump on a new treadmill or a set of light weights.
  • Holiday leftovers: Wrapping paper and ornaments are slashed by up to 75-90 percent—be ready for next year.
BARGAIN TIP: The bigger the chain, the bigger the savings. Department stores such as Macy's and JCPenney have been known to discount their linens up to 60 percent during white sales.

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