Juppy Baby Walker Review & Giveaway

4:49 PM

How would you love to have a baby walker that you could stick in the diaper bag and take with you wherever you went?

The Juppy Baby Balker can do just that and it is simply Awesome!

The Juppy comes in Pink, Blue or Black and can be personalized as well.

The Juppy Baby Walker reminds me of a baby sling in which the child can help control. It gives infants who are learning to walk a chance to explore on their own 2 feet so to speak.  I was super impressed with the durability and how well made the Juppy was, especially for heavy little boys!

At first, he seemed a little hesitant to move in it but after just a few minutes of gentle hedging he took right too it. I loved the fact that he could basically attempt to walk and I was not constantly trying to catch him or hold him up when he fell. 

Although I wasn't able to get any pictures of him actually in the Juppy ( hard to take a picture when you are the one actually with the child and Juppy) I can tell you that eh had a huge smile on his face after mere seconds of feeling his feet touch the ground.

The Juppy does exactly what it says it will and in my opinion would get an A+. I love the fact that it helps children learn on their own to gain balance without a typical walker which has wheels. It gives children a fresh sense of " I can do this on my own" while at the same time letting you, the parent, control where they go.

The straps are adjustable and I had no problems with putting a 26 pound bouncing baby boy in it.

Though we are still using the Juppy on a daily basis, I have seen immense improvement in the balancing and actual attempting to walk on his own.

A big plus for me also was the fact that it does not put any additional strain on my back.

I would highly recommend the Juppy to anyone with a child just getting starting on trying to balance on their own or especially for a developmentally delayed child. I wish the Juppy baby walker would have been around when my 16 year old disabled daughter was small, i think it could have helped her immensely.

Juppy is offering one of my readers a chance to win a Personalized  Juppy baby walker of their own! How exciting is that!!!

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