Mally Beauty Review

7:56 AM

I recently experienced Mally Beauty. I had always heard such great things about it, but once I had the chance to try it myself, I can really say "WOW"

Mally's Perfect Prep Poreless Primer is exactly as it is described and it makes my skin look and feel amazing. I applied the primer right after my moisturizer and before starting on my makeup. My face and neck felt so smooth, it was truly like I was young again just from the feel of it.

Since I have just truly started experiencing makeup on a more defined level, I never knew my skin could feel this way and not look at all oily.

A huge plus for me was the it really helped define the fine lines and what I think is Wrinkles ( sighs)  and my make up stayed on all day without needing to re-apply it. 

Once my makeup was applied, I then tried the Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender. This is actually a clear finishing powder, which does not have the look nor the feel of powder at all.  I fully expected this to make my make up smear or look all shiny, and let me tell you, the one thing I really dislike is when my face is shiny. I feel like even after applying make up it should look natural and matte. 

To apply I used the buffed-edge Japanese sponge, and to my relief and honestly, amazement, my makeup stayed exactly as I had applied it and it had the nice Matte finish that I crave and demand of my powder. It looked nothing like the normal powder you apply and did not have the caked on look that you get most often with pressed or loose powder.

I have been using Mally now for 3 weeks, and I have noticed a difference in my overall complexion before and after applying my make up and I can't wait to try some of the other products that Mally Beauty has to offer such as the Liquid Light Eye Brightener, which says that it make you look all bright eyed and bushy tailed! ( Okay, so it does not use those exact words but that would be my interpretation)

You can also get the Fierce Face in 5 minutes starter kit from Mally, which means when you are short on time, you simply pull out your Mally Bag with your kit and apply a great looking face in a few short minutes. This is another must have on my list from Mally Beauty. I am also looking forward to trying some of the Beauty Tools they have as well.

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