New Year, New You : 100 Mini Challenges

6:10 PM

As we began a New Year, why not become a New You as well. I am taking on a 100 mini challenge and encourage you to complete the journey to a New you as well.

This journey will not be just about losing weight, but about You as an overall person and how you can "Save your Sanity" and learn to Eat healthier, Use products that will save you time and money and make you feel better about yourself, as well as your overall Mental You on a daily basis.

It's about challenging yourself to make changes for the better of yourself and your family as well.

As we began our Journey tomorrow Monday Jan 7th, 2013, the challenges will be simple ones to get us started. Those who choose to follow my journey and a journey of their own, and document it here on Savings for Sanity will randomly be chosen for prizes that will be small tokens of success. I will also be offering reviews of products throughout this Journey in which you will also be able to enter and gain extra entries by doing the challenges yourself.

The first 7 days of mini challenges are listed below, I will have a new post each day with the challenge but also a place where you can see the challenges in a 30 day time frame so you can prepare if you need to. if a certain challenge does not work for you for whatever reason, I encourage you to make your own challenge for that day and share it with us so we can all encourage each other, offer tips and be a support system.

Keep in mind, we will start this challenge tomorrow Monday Jan 7th, 2013

Day 1 ( Jan 7, 2013 ) : Substitute 1 sugary drink with 16 ounces of water

Day 2 ( Jan 8, 2013) : Spend 15 minutes exercising

Day 3 ( Jan 9, 2013) : Have fruit as a snack today instead of cakes, cookies, chips, etc

Day 4 ( Jan 10, 2013) : Spend 15 minutes doing something just for yourself

Day 5 ( Jan 11, 2013) : Do the 5 minute de-clutter ( explanations and tips will be in that day's challenge post)

Day 6 ( Jan 12, 2013) : Have a Carb free dinner tonight

Day 7 ( Jan 13, 2013) : Drink 8 oz. of water before each meal

Each day's challenge will be posted the night before with tips, explanations and ideas for you to complete the task.

I can't wait to get started and I am exciting that you all have decided to join me in this Journey. Later this evening a post will be up with tomorrow's challenge.

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