NYC Color Review

12:30 PM

My husband frequently accuses me of being a make up junky, and I admit it, I have an obsession. 

I love Make up and when I find a brand I like, I tend to stick with it

NYC Color has some amazing Lip Stain that last forever and a day. Okay, so maybe not that long, but it does have a very long lasting effect.

New York Color 16 hour Smootch Proof Lip Stain  really works. I put the Lip Stain on at 8:00a.m. and fully expected it to be gone before 10 a.m. but was greatly surprised that not only was it still there , the color was the same great luster that it was when I first applied it.


I do like to have the shine effect throughout the day and keep my lips looking spiffy so I did apply NYC Liquid Lipshine a few times through out the day to give my lips a boost of shine, but the color from the Lipstain stayed with me all day long and I was impressed!

This picture was at the end of the day when I was ready to remove my makeup. How impressive is that!

I also tried the NYC Big Bold Mascara

NYC New York Color Big Bold Mascara Now, usually I have a hard time keeping my Mascara from clumping. I have always been one to put makeup on daily  but never really spend time learning the techniques or actually "doing" my face. However, recently, I have taken a desire to try out new things, new products and new looks to find out what works for my face and complexion. 

I had no problems with the Big Bold Mascara from New York Color and it made my eyelashes look awesome ( no modesty here)

I love the way it made my eyes stand out. ( Please excuse the redness in my eye as I woke up with it this morning)

Overall, I can give the New York Color Line a Big A+ for the products I have tried so far, and cannot wait to have the chance to try out some more of them. 

The New York Color Line has everything from :

I am looking forward to trying out some of the Nail colors as well as the tools they have to offer. The prices are really affordable and the look leaves nothing to be desired. You can find all the products in their line on the website :



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