Parenting....Your thoughts and mine..

1:29 PM

 How do you approach Parenting?

As a Mom, I frequently find myself having to make decisions that I wish I did not have to make.

I guess some would say I am too strict, while others would disagree.

How do you deal with Teenagers and their ever changing hormones, or little one's who need structure and discipline?

A few rules to live by that I have made over the years, which I think fits my family. Yet, each Family and every situation is different.

I am a Mom, and as a Mom, it is my duty to see that y children are raised to be respectful, well mannered, disciplined and hopefully a success in society as they grow in to adults. I think most every parent wishes this was the case for their children. Some things I hear about a lot, is that because a 26 year old adult is out doing things he should not be doing that it is because the parent's failed at their job. I disagree.

A 26 year old would know what is right from wrong, regardless of how he was raised. You hear stories every day about how this person was raised in poverty and crime yet choose to do something with his or her life. Then you hear about the straight A student in High School who is now in Prison for Embezzlement.

My kids all have a bedtime, including my 17 year old Senior ( who would be embarrassed if he knew I told this I'm sure) All of my children do chores on a regular basis ( even though I still spend hours each week cleaning) Yet, like all kids, they do get in trouble, they are not perfect. My 10 year old frequently comes home with marks because she talks too much in class and finds herself grounded with stuff taken away on a regular basis.

My now 17 year old had a hard time with Algebra in 8th grade and had to take Summer school, now he is making straight A's in Advanced Trig Algebra.

I think, kids will make mistakes, and it is a parent's job to make them realize and correct the mistakes they make, and teach them right from wrong, and sometimes a parent's job of that may never end, but I can't see blaming myself 8 years down the road if my once Straight A student chooses to break the law.

I do not allow my 10 year old to dress in skimpy clothing, all skirts must have either shorts or leggings under them, no make up, no shaving her legs yet and no phone until they are 14.

I know we all have different ways of dealing with our children, different views on the while child rearing process, and I would love to hear what you all have to say.

Please keep it family friendly ( feel free to disagree with me, it is a discussion after all)

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