RealBeanz Iced Coffee Review & Giveaway

11:00 AM

RealBeanz, real flavor. That's what Coffee is  all about.

RealBeanz premium Iced coffee is all that flavor and more.  RealBeanz comes in 5 different tantalizing flavors : Carmel ( Focus) , Mocha ( Resist), Cappuccino ( Energized) , Diet Cappuccino ( Trim and Fit) and Vanilla Nut ( Relax)  as well as 4 Flavors of Coconut. as you can tell, each Iced Coffee flavor has it's own name as well as benefit. I am not a huge fan of Coconut but I can say with certainty that my son loved it. He says it is far superior to any other Iced Coffee he has drank before, which says a lot because he constantly ask for a certain Iced Coffee.

My all time favorite was Carmel, because if you read my other post about certain foods, you will see that Carmel is my go-to in flavors of food and beverage and RealBeanz did not disappoint me at all and far exceeded my expectations.

The best part about RealBeanz Iced Coffee is that they do not contain any unhealthy ingredients nor do they  have harmful chemicals as other Iced Coffee's do. They contain 100 % Natural ingredients, which is a big plus for me considering my 15 year old loves Iced Coffee, because i know I can give him RealBeanz as a treat and not worry about the harmful effects that a lot of Iced Coffee has.

The first drink I tried was the Cappuccino ( Energize) and I was impressed that it did not make me feel all full and sluggish. I really did feel as if I had energy to spare without the overall jittery feeling I normally get when drinking Iced Coffee. 

I have never been an Iced Coffee drinker on a normal basis, but I do require my morning hot coffee to get me started on my day. I started drinking the RealBeanz in the afternoons when I usually start to run out of fuel. Taking care of a home, 7 kids, a business and a blog is not easy, and I always find myself in the mid-afternoon slump, but with RealBeanz, I could drink one instead of another cup of hot coffee and find myself prepared to get through the rest of my long day.

If you like Iced Coffee, then you will love RealBeanz, and as my son says, coconut doesn't get any better than this!

RealBeanz has graciously offered one of my readers a sample pack of RealBeanz to try for themselves.

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