Roaring Springs Paper Products Review & Giveaway

7:33 PM

Putting Pencil to Paper, in my opinion, is still the best. Email, Online calendars and such are good, but nothing beats the feeling of putting those words on paper.

Roaring Spring Paper products have some of the best products on the market. My kids love using their notebooks because not only are they not generic looking, they are very heavy duty and durable. My High School Kids  especially like them for those reasons.

Another's all American Made. I will pay more for an item that is American made, but Roaring Springs prices are highly competitive with any other brand on the market.

All the products are made from Sugar cane pulp, which takes going green to a new level and means you save a tree when you purchase Roaring Springs Paper Products.

My favorite product so far has been the Landscape size legal pads. I am a legal pad junkie. I use them for everything from taking notes to keeping track of my blog to making chore list.

My husband's favorite product was one that I have never seen before and that was the crossover paper. The Crossover , which can be a landscape paper, graph paper or portrait sized paper. We have our own construction business and my husband frequently needs graph paper as well as other different sizes, so he has taken to carrying this everywhere he goes and it works perfect for his needs.

They also carry a number of 1, 3 and 5 subject notebooks which are perfect for your school age kids, college kids or even to keep your notes and such handy at home.

Roaring Springs Paper Products are very environmentally friendly and by using the sugar Cane by product, it saves on average of 60,000 acres of forest each year, and in my opinion, that is just awesome!

As a small business owner as well as a Mom of 7, you cannot imagine the overall amount of writing papers, notebooks, legal pads and such we go through on a yearly basis, but I can tell you the numbers are well over 100 notebooks, and now that I have used Roaring Springs paper products and see that the paper is not only as good as regular paper, but even better, I know that we will now be purchasing all of our paper supplies from Roaring Spring.

Now, if that isn't good enough, you have to check out the PooPooPaper. This is not an item I personally have tried, but I can tell you that it is next on my list and you  will want to learn more about this ( not toilet paper, just to give you a teaser because you will enjoy it)

Roaring Springs is offering one of my readers a chance to win some of their most popular products like I received! How cool is that :)

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