Sally Hansen Gel Nails & Polishes Review

11:00 AM

I am a Nail Polish addict and find myself having to regularly change my polish because because I am always scrubbing and cleaning. 

I recently had the opportunity to try out a few of the Polishes from the Sally Hansen line and although I have used them in the past, I guess I had forgotten how well they work and how great they look.

The biggest one for me was the Gel Nail set that Sally Hansen recently came out with. This is such a great innovation and it works so well.

It is a very easy process that requires only a few steps. 

The first step is to clean your nails with well and apply your base coat which is step #1 ,You then put your nails under the UV Lamp which comes with your initial Gel Nails kit for 30 seconds.

The next step is to apply the color that you chose with your kit, mine was red and I love it. Once again, you hold your nails under the UV lamp for 30 seconds.

Last, you apply your top coat and set under the UV lamp for 30 more seconds.

The last step is to use the cleaning pads which comes with your kit to remove the sticky residue from your nails and make them all shiny and pretty!

You can also buy other colors of the Gel polish by themselves to use with your gel kit once you have your initial Kit.

My Manicure using the Gel nails lasted 10 days even with my rigorous cleaning and outdoor work. I love the way it shines and that I had no problems with chipping and it was very easy to remove.

Next Up was the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Copperhead. I tried this one on my toes ( keep in mind, I don't normally make a habit of showing you all my toes, so no judging!!)  I loved the color of this polish and the way it really just glided on very smoothly without needing more than 3 strokes. I started with a Sally Hansen Clear Base Coat and finished up with a Sally Hansen top coat.

Once it was time to remove my Gel Nails I was ready to try something new, So I choose the Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish in Ionic Indigo...I love blue , but have never been a fan of Blue Polish but have now changed my mind. I absolutely love the look of the Magnetic Polish and can't wait to try some of the other colors in the line.

You can clearly see the cute ripples in your nails made by the magnet. The top of the bottle actually has the magnet attached and you just sit it at the back of your nail right after you apply the polish to get the effect you desire.

 I also had a chance to try the Crackle polish and I loved it as well. Unfortunately, my pictures turned out way too dark but as I started out being Leary of how I would like the look, I actually enjoyed it and got tons of compliments. You simply apply the crackle polish over the color you choose for your base color coat and watch your nails transform, so not only was it cool to see, but the look was superb as well.

I highly recommend Sally Hansen Nail products and I am impressed with everything I have tried so far.

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