Scrapbooking 101 : Guest Post by Missy S. & Crystal S.

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Scrap Booking 101:







Written by: Missy S. and Crystal S.



Scrap Booking is something I have been doing for 6 yrs. I have learned a lot of techniques,
here are  some tips and tricks I've learned through the years:

1) Always have photos on hand, you can get them at Walgreen's 10 cents for 100+

2) Cororinating papers and stickers.M y favorite brand of paper is colorbook is from hobby lobby or best occasions from Walmart.

3) For stickers, my favorites are Karen foster acid free photo safe stickers and makingmemories, both  are 

 great brands

4) I like to go online to get poems and quotes to  print out on transparent paper

5) Tip: Save tickets from occasion such as zoo tickets or circus with the photos

6) Paper piecing is a great way to make paper dolls clothes hats and etc.

7) The machine i use is the cir-cut, there are many different cartridges to choose from at hobby lobby for a reasonable prices and its a great way to add character to your pages.

 Other tips I've have learned is that zoo themes are great for boys, pink hearts buttons and bows are great for girls. ribbons from bags and gifts and buttons that fall off are great money savers to keep on hand. 

Flowers from old bouquets and dollar store bunches,  I take them apart and when ready to layer them I glue them on top of pages using permanent glue runners by Ad Tech, which are  really inexpensive  when bought at Walmart.

 My point is over all have fun.Scrapbooking, it  is a great relaxing way to have fun with friends and remember there is  no certain way to scrapbook ,everyone has there own style or way.

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