The Week Ahead...

10:36 AM


It's Monday yet again and I can't wait to get started on some awesome stuff I have in store for you all this week.

I am also working on my upcoming Family reunion which happens the 1st of June and would love to hear your ideas on how I can make it special. I planned it last year and it was the 1st time in over 20 years my family has all been together so it was nice. Now, I am elected for this year's planning as well and I really want to make it special.

I am in the works with some great companies for product reviews & giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog because you never know when one will "pop" up.

What are you doing to "Save your Sanity" this week? Are you following a long with our 100 Mini challenges for a New Year, New You? I am rocking them all so far, but I can say, some have not been easy.

we are also in the process of tons of home remodeling as you have noticed with many of my post and I love showing off what I have personally accomplished so far. No modesty here, lol.

I posted about my shopping trip yesterday and how I am restocking my stockpile. Summer time always requires a big stock to get me through with my house always full of kids and teens. 

What am I going to do with the money I have saved and continue to save? I have lots of plans...I want a new backyard firepit as well as a new patio set and we are going to finish some home repairs as well. Who knows what else I can come up!

What are your plans for the week?

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