This week's best Kroger deal's and Stockpile items for cheap

8:44 PM

Kroger has a great deal this week and I took full advantage of it. They have several actually.

Buy 4 General Mills Products and get a free Gallon of Milk: 

General Mills Cereal is on sale for 4/$10
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are 4/$10
Nature Valley Granola Bars and Granola Thins are 2/$6

Scenario: Print (  (2) 0.50/1 Cookie Crisp coupon which doubles to $1..makes your cereal $1.50 per box

Print the  0.50/2 fruit snacks (  , doubles to $1.00, which makes your fruit snacks $1.50 per box

Print ( or use the coupon from last week's GM insert for 0.50/2 Granola Bars or Thins

Makes them $2.50 per box

What I did:

I used (2) of the Cookie Crisp coupons and (1) .50/2 GM cereals coupons and got 4 boxes of cereal plus 1 gallon of milk for $6.00 total

I also used (2) 0.50/2 Fruit Snacks and got 4 boxes of fruit snacks for $6 plus a Gallon of milk

Some other good deals this week:

Lean Cuisine 6 for $12 and you get free Skinny Cow or Edy's ice cream. I used 6 coupons for $1 off any Lean Cuisine Salad creations and got 6 Lean Cuisine's plus a Half Gallon of Edy's Ice Cream for $6 total

Carefree Panty Liner's are $1.09, I used (5) coupons for .50/1 which made them $0.09 each

Colgate Toothpaste is 10/$10...I used (5) coupons for 0.75 off 1 and got them for 0.25 each

Pure Protein Bars are $1.00 each, I sued (5) coupons for save $1/2...bought 10 bars for $5 plus got back a $4 Catalina ...which made all 10 bars only $1

I also used (5) coupons from last week's inset for the free Good N' Natural Bar and got 5 free bars

Angel Soft Toilet Paper is $1.00 each, I used (5) coupons from last weeks insert for .45/1 and paid 0.10 each pack ...0.50 total for 5 packs of toilet paper.

Chef Boyardee is $1 also, I used (5) coupons that I had that cam eon the Banquet TV dinners ( my kids love those) for .50/2...which doubled to $1.00, so I got 10 cans for $5.00

Tony's Pizza's are $1...I used (2) coupons from last week's insets for $1/3 and got 5 Pizza's for $4

I also found Kroger Brand Pasta ( dented box) in the clearance isle for $0.49 per box and bought 5 boxes and a Muffin Pan on clearance for $2.49 that I bought. 

Overall today I saved 60 %  and that makes me happy and my stockpile is getting replenished.

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