39 Dollar Glasses review & Giveaway

3:13 PM

I have been buying my Prescription Eyeglasses online for a few year's now and am always amazed at how much cheaper they are than buying from an Optometrist office or kiosk.

I usually go every 1-2 years and get my eye exam then proceed to find a place online that has a good sale going so I can get 1 or 2 new pair.

I recently discovered 39dollarglasses.com and I was amazed at the great selection and styles they have available  and the price cannot be beat!  I see a lot of places advertising free prescription glasses and you just pay shipping and once you get through the process only to find out shipping is higher than the glasses themselves supposedly were to begin with, still seems like a good deal, unless you have recently had a look at 39dollarglasses.com because this is the everyday price for them and I love it!

I have been wanting to get some new Prescription Sunglasses now for a couple of years, but usually even though I can find a good deal on my regular glasses, the Prescription Sunglasses are way out of my budget, or so I always thought until now,  that's why I am so excited about 39dollarglasses, because I can actually afford them!


I chose the Warhol Glasses with the sunglass tint and I love them! Seriously, They are with me at all times now. I had forgotten how good it felt to not only be able to wear sunglasses but to be able to see at the same time.

These glasses are not just some cheap pair either, they are very high quality made and my prescription was perfectly executed just as I put in the form.

It is super easy to order from 39dollarglasses.com, once you have your prescription in hand simply go to the website and browse through until you find a pair or two you want, add them to your cart and input your information int he boxes where it ask for it You can then choose to add tint to your glasses or any of the other options you may desire and the price cannot be beat!

I love my sunglasses so much that I have talked the hubby in to buying me another pair and another pair of cute regular glasses that I have fallen in love with on the site as well.  

39dollarglasses.com also has a 100 % Worry Free Guarantee, so you always know they will take care of you!

39dollarglasses is offering one of my lucky readers a chance to win a pair of glasses or sunglasses of their choice up to $75.....how awesome is that! I wish I could enter this giveaway myself :)

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