A Sweet Email from a reader...it made my morning!

8:13 AM

I wanted to share with you all an email I received from a reader late last night...this person has never won a giveaway on my blog or anything, so that makes it even more special to know it comes from the heart!


I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog and your Facebook post everyday. I have never won a giveaway or anything, and sometimes do not even have time to enter, but I love to check in everyday just to see what you have posted. I love the fact that you make everything personalized and not just the standard blah stuff you see on other blogs. I enjoy hearing about you and your family and all of the hard work you are doing to your home and how your daughter continues to thrive as a disabled teenager. I just wanted you to know you are a wonderful person, keep up the good work!


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