Apparel Dynasty Heels & Flats Review: Oh LaLa

7:49 AM

Oh Lala...these sassy heels from Apparel Dynasty have the real "oomph" that I love and put a snap in my step!

These Party Party Heels are classy, sassy and can go well with anything you wear. You could pair them up with even a business suit and have a look that not only does anyone else have but that will make your work day so much better when you know you can add a little splash to your wardrobe. If you are going out on the town, why not throw on a pair of skinny jeans , add a top of any color because these heels truly go with any color you can imagine and you will look like a million bucks.

If a Swishy skirt is more your style, then these heels are definitely right for it and will make your legs look like a million bucks.

I was worried that I would have trouble because of the 4.5 inch heels, but they are so well made that I was walking just like a pro in a matter of minutes, so don't let the height of the heel scare you off, they are to die for!

Not a heel kind of girl?  Then check out my awesome Stars and Clouds Blue Flats from Apparel Dynasty. These are flats you can wear year around with anything you choose. They will also go well with a pair of skinny jeans, a skirt, leggings or most anything you have in your closet and they scream ":wear me". The fit on these shoes was amazing, very comfortable and since blue is my favorite color, I had a lot of blue to pair them with in my wardrobe and black as well.

I love shoes, I can't think of anything I could say I collect, except maybe shoes...heels, flats, boots, tennis shoes and sneakers...that's right up my alley and I really do love my shoes from Apparel Dynasty. They have such a wide selection of un-ordinary flats, heels and sneakers, that I cannot wait to try some more. The styles really jump out at you and  could pull out anything in your closet and these heels would match. shoes can really make an outfit stand out, even if it is nothing more than a simple pair of jeans and these are the shoes to do that!

Apparel Dynasty also has clothing for women as well as Accessories that really make your style. So stop by and take a look or head on over to the Facebook page and just say hello!

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