Bart's Cookies Review & GIVEAWAY

8:10 PM

The best cookies ever, hands down, nothing beats them , I'm Hooked! Bart's Cookies are simply amazing!

Bart Smith Makes The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Peanut b\Butter Milk chocolate has such a great taste, I have never tasted a cookie that I enjoyed so much. I am not really a cookie person, I usually much prefer cakes and such but I can easily admit, I am not addicted to Bart's Cookies, mainly the Peanut Butter Milk chocolate...oh my!

These cookies are not huge in size, but they can make you want to eat more and more, I actually made sure to hide these cookies from my kid's once I tried one because I was not willing to share....with anyone!

I did allow Chris & the Kids to taste the Milk Chocolate Chip cookies , but no way was I letting them near the Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate.

The Milk Chocolate Chip was amazing as well, and almost as good as the Peanut Butter ( My favorite, as if you cannot tell) and everyone was begging for more. I really cannot say enough good things about these cookies.

Bart's Cookies would be the perfect accompaniment for any party, Book club, pot luck or any other occasion you can think of, and they look so good and taste even better that you could almost claim them as your own ( Of course then you would have to continue to buy Bart's Cookies in bulk order to keep up with the demand people would not make of you for cookies, so it may be easier just to refer them to the Cookie Man's website)

I know, that I would never attempt to make a cookie as good as this and will definitely be feeding my newest addition with Bart's cookies!

Want to hear the best part.................

Bart wants to give my readers a chance to win some Bart's Cookies for themselves!

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