Boylan Shirley Temple Review & Giveaway

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I adore Boylan Bottling Soda. Just something about those bottles that remind me of " The Good Ole Days". 


Okay, so I'm not that old, but everyone has reminders of what they consider the Good Ole Days. Boylan just introduced a flavor that brings back such fond memories for me, memories which I had forgotten existed until I got this in the mail.

Boylan's Shirley Temple Soda is the first new flavor they have introduced in ages, yet it has been well worth the wait! Do you remember as a child how you thought  you were so grown up when  you got to order a Shirley Temple? My first memory of drinking a Shirley Temple is when my Grandma took me to Ohio to visit my cousins and we got to have Shirley Temple for a drink.

The first sip of Boylan Shirley Temple brought that memory back like it was yesterday.  Any and all memories tied to my Grandma are special to me, since not only did she raise me but she passed away 7 years ago.

The Shirley Temple is a sweet soda, with a taste of cherry , yet it has a light  and refreshing taste and I did notice the Boylan states it has a secret ingredient or two, so we spent some time trying to guess what the ingredients may be and my kids came up with everything from Apple to Pomegranate. The original Shirley Temple was said to be a mixture of Ginger Ale  and grenadine, and from memory I would say this taste much like what I remember except a little better.

All of Boylan's Soda  is made with pure cane sugar and the Shirley Temple is actually a seasonal release, so you don't want to miss out and let this opportunity to try it out pass you by because it's been awhile since they released a Seasonal Soda, so it will be limited availability.

As my kids start growing up,I realize that so many memories I fondly carry, I would love to pass on to them ,so I couldn't wait to share the Shirley Temple Soda and see what they thought about it as well.

My 15 year old was all excited, and said he was going to be the first to try it out. The others were a little Leary because of the color but I assured them they would love it. 

Alek did love it, and ask for seconds, but I had to defer and tell him that not only did I get to try it next but the other two bottles would go to the other kids. 

It's not often that something as simple as a Soda can bring you fond memories for years to come and make you nostalgic about your past, but Boylan really hit the nail on the head with the Shirley Temple Pure Cane  Sugar Soda.

All of my kids enjoyed the Shirley Temple from Boylan Bottling, so we will be making sure we pick up some extra since it is a seasonal release. I actually think I may serve Boylan Soda at my 2 oldest son's graduation Party in May.

I plan to go with a theme of " Bring back yesterday" for the Graduation Party so Boylan Soda's would be a real hit with these boys and all of their friends and would hold true to the theme I have decided on.

You can purchase Boylan Shirley Temple from the website or take a look and see where you can purchase it in a store near you. All of this info can be found on Boylan Bottling Website HERE

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