Concious Box Review

9:12 AM

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription box which contains a number of Healthy Product samples for the entire family.

Conscious Box contains items inside which are pure and sustainable and they also carry Gluten Free and Vegan boxes as well .

You can purchase a box for $19.95 per month  which is packed full of yummy treats you and your family can enjoy. This s a great time to try all those things you often wonder about, especially if you are attempting to get Healthy this year or make diet and lifestyle changes.

This Month's Conscious Box contained many products that myself and my kids enjoyed.

 Maakoa Koopuwa Individual Serving Superfruit Jucie is an anti-oxidant powerhouse that combines the the Cupuaçu Fruit with several other Super Fruits .Koopuwa’s power lies in the nutrient-dense properties of the Cupuaçu Fruit. Provides B1, B2 and B3 vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids, enhanced by a refreshing taste.

I enjoyed the taste of this and it made me feel great!

Happy Squeeze Chocolate Pear : My daughter really enjoyed this and it only contained 16 grams of sugar, which was a plus for us.

Hail Mary Choco Macaroons: I did not personally try these because my kids got to them before i had a chance. I like the fact that they are all organic and healthier than most other Macaroons you find in stores.

A cute little Sustain towel. I keep this handy in case I need it and what a great addition to the box.

Shelled Hemp Seed. This is a product that we have not tried yet, not for any particular reason, but I have read great things about the health benefits it provides, but it is just not a product I personally find that I will use.

Peeled Snacks : Berry Crunch Apple Clusters...these were amazing. I loved the texture, the taste and the healthy alternative they provide to other sugary snacks. These are all organic and very tasty, I highly recommend them.

Simply Straws Glass Straw: I like the concept they provide because it helps to reduce waste , I( have not tried the straw as I don't use straws much around the house, but it does look sturdy, and I am sure it will work well. I will update you all once i have a chance to use the glass straw

Bodhichitta Botanicals Wild & Free Lotion Sample: I liked the feel of this lotion once I applied it and the smell was great as well. I think they could have made the sample pack a bit larger to actually give you a real chance to try it.

Dr. Singha's Natural Thereputics, Inc Mustard Bath. I was hesitant to try this, but it actually was a very nice and relaxing bath and it did not leave any lingering residue on my skin. This is an all natural product and I would say you may want to at least give it a shot.

Amazing Grass Kids Superfood: This a blend of organic greens, fruits and vegetables, one glass of Kids SuperFood equals three full servings of fruits and vegetables. My daughter liked it okay, and I like the fact that it gives her nutrition that she needs.

The Box itself that Conscious Box comes in can be reused as well and they love to see ways that people reuse the boxes. I see many people post pictures on the facebook page which shows how they have managed to recycle the boxes and personally I think the boxes themselves are cute. I can't wait to brainstorm a way to re-use my box.

It also came with a large amount of coupons to use in store and online, so I was impressed with that also.

You can check Conscious Box out on the website or visit Facebook to find out more about how you can sign up!

You can also Give Conscious Box as a gift, which would be ideal for someone in yo9ur life who likes to try new Healthy and Organic Products and you never know exactly what to get for them!

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