Dezign with a Z: Wall Art with style!

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Dezign with a Z

 Surfer wall sticker

Dezign with a Z offers  and murals for home & office. 
They have such an extensive range of  affordable and original wall designs for your Interior. The decals are easy to apply and easy to remove.
I recently had the opportunity to review one of the designs from Dezign with a Z , and it was such an easy process of applying the Wall Art, I was surprised!
As most of you all know, I have been working hard to turn my Old home in to a place that I can love for years to come. Our home is 103 years old and we have been renovating it one room at a time. I had originally planned to use my Wall Art in my newly designed living area, but at the last minute chose to put it in my bedroom instead. 
The decor in my bedroom is Black, white and Grey, and I thought this would be perfect to add a splash of color to the room as well as it being a modern and trendy design.
I chose the Blossom Branch in Black with Lipstick Red Blooms, and I love it!

The branch itself comes just as you see in the picture above, and once you have it positioned on your wall where  you want it, you can then add the blooms which are separate.

 Blossom Branch decorative wall tattoos

The Wall Decals were  so easy to apply and it came with a smoothing wand to smooth out any small wrinkles you may get as you apply the decal. It says that it is easy to remove, but as I have no intention of removing this piece of Art, I will take them for their word!

Dezign with a Z has everything you can think of when it comes to Wall Art and my girls are already begging for some of their own since their bedroom is getting a whole new look as well. 

Animal and floral wall stickers, tree wall decals, kids wall decals, modern and contemporary murals, you will find the perfect look for your walls.

They also recommend their  contemporary digital canvas, wall clock decals, resin
acrylic mirrors, or super sized wall decals to give your home a dramatic make over. They also have some cute and fun  glow in the dark decals, as well as chalkboard and whiteboard stickers to add excitement to any kids' room.
You can also customize your own decal with your favorite quote or sentence through our custom lettering section, or send in your favorite photos to have a unique sticker or digital painting made.

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