Duck Dynasty, Survivor & More...

6:33 AM

To say I am super psyched about Duck Dynasty's new season is an understatement.

I had never watched the show until about 3 months ago when my friend April told me I needed to watch Duck Dynasty ,so one night as I was laying in bed, I saw it was on...and I was hooked. I have now watched every episode more than once, and I usually hate to watch reruns of anything.

I do have a hard time finding my favorite though on Duck Dynasty. I am a big Si fan, as are most people, but at the same time I think Jase is hilarious. Phil is a character as well and although he would not be considered my favorite, he would be in the top.

I am super excited to watch the new season of Duck Dynasty coming up this month, and only wish they published a whole season in one night so I could have something to watch for a few days.

Duck Dynasty is one of my favorite shows , I'm hooked plain and simple and I want some new Camo Duck Dynasty clothing to celebrate the new season. I guess you can tell I'm a Southerner lol.

What are some other favorites of mine? Survivor for one, I'm addicted to Survivor. I have never missed a season since ti started way back when and I try to work my schedule around watching the new episodes on Wednesday night.

I am also a fan of Amazing Race and Big Brother. As you can tell, I feel I have an addiction to reality T.V. Shows. I also watch Storage Wars, Shipping Wars, Full Throttle Saloon, Black Gold and a heck of alot of HGTV. Chris thinks I need to stop watching HGTV because I keep finding different ways I want o remodel and get impatient with how long our home remodeling is taking. 

So who else will be watching Duck Dynasty and all these other new shows with me? Should we have a weekly post where we talk about our T.V. habits?

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