Food Should Taste So Good Review & Giveaway

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Food Should Taste So Good.....yes it really should!

I frequently find myself craving a crunchy snack and something other than popcorn. You all know that I am working really hard to get healthier and lose weight and I can't do that If I am constantly going for the chip bag.

Now I have found a great way to have my chips and eat them too! Food Should Taste Good chips, available in all natural Tortilla Chips and new Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Chips, are made from  all natural ingredients.
 Food Should Taste So Good Snacks have No trans fats, no cholesterol, and no artificial ingredients. They are also  gluten free, Kosher, low in sodium and loaded with Fiber.

All Tortilla Chips are certified vegan with the exception of Cheddar, White Cheddar and Chocolate.
Other Tortilla Chip varieties include:  Multi grain, Jalapeno, Olive, The Works! Sweet
Potato, Cantina, Lime, Blue Corn, Toasted Sesame and Kettle Corn.

 Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato Chip varieties include : Original, Barbecue, Salt & Pepper and Salt & Vinegar.

I had a chance to try out four different flavors and was pleasantly surprised at how they tasted. Many times when I think of "All Natural" I think of tasteless, but that is not the case with Food Should Taste So Good snacks.

My favorites was the Multi grain Tortilla chips.They contain Sesame seeds and sunflower seeds so that makes them doubly delicious because those are two of my favorite things.  I love most all things Multi grain and these were no exception and would rate right at the top of my list of my favorite crunchy All natural and healthy snacks.

My kids really liked all 4 flavors that we tried  but my daughter was a huge fan of the Sweet Potato chips.The Kettle Cooked Salt and Vinegar was also a big hit at my house, especially with my boys.  These Chips are so much healthier than any other chips you can buy and feed your kids. I would have no problem with my kids eating these on a daily basis. I love the fact that they are not all greasy like many others you buy and they  have a true natural flavor , it's like healthy goodness in a bag!

My next grocery trip I will be on the hunt for a bag of Food Should Taste So Good Chocolate Chips, yes it's true, they do make them! Yummy!

The founder of Food Should Taste So Good was looking for a way to create a healthier option than what you normally find on the market in thew way of chips. In 2008 he created Food Should Taste So Good and it has been growing ever since.

This may have been my first time eating Food Should Taste So Good, but It won't be my last and I plan to make this brand a staple on my grocery list and  it's a great snack choice for my kids for after school.

Who would like to win some Food Should Taste So Good snacks for themselves? Just enter below!

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