Godefroy Beauty Lighted Applicator Sheild Review

7:36 AM

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Putting on Mascara and using brushes can sometimes require not only skill but the perfect lighting.

I recently  had the opportunity to review a Lighted Cosmetic Applicator Shield, from Godefroy Beauty and was quite surprised at what a difference it made when applying my Mascara.

This unique and versatile beauty tool allows for precise
eye makeup application. Great for applying mascara, eyelash tints, eyeliner, false eyelashes and more!
  • Curved design allows for error free cosmetic application
  • LED light brightens the face for easy viewing
  • Lighted comb attachment can be used to separate and define lashes and brows
  • Dual-sided lighted comb lets you choose how well defined your lashes are 

The lighting in my bedroom where my vanity sits is not the greatest, so I thought this would be the perfect product for me to use when applying my makeup.

Using the Lighted Applicator Shield made everything so much brighter and it was easy to see. I loved the lighted comb on the end to help with definition on my eye lashes and eye brows as well. 

Godefroy Beauty has many great products for consumers and professionals alike, including a heated Eyelash Curler and a Mascara warmer ( which is currently free with a $40 purchase) 

So when you are looking for the latest and greatest in makeup application, look no further than Godefroy Beauty!

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