"I Love Me' Giveaway!

1:08 PM

The "I Love Me" Giveaway

Presented by: Beautiful Incentives

Welcome! This is where I want my readers to relax and enjoy low entry giveaways in all things comforting & pampering for Valentines Day. I've put together a bunch of items that I thought you guys would appreciate and get a lot of use from. This is jam packed with more than one winner for several of them, so your chances are much greater! 

Without Further Adieu, go love yourself and enter! I wish everyone the best of luck and have a lovely, relaxing Valentines day!

Please Scroll down to see the prizes and enter the Giveaway tools below! 

Eye of Horus: Pamper yourself with high end cruelty free cosmetics. See My REVIEW to find out how unique and beautiful this line is! 

Thermal Aid: Sooth your aching muscles and chronic pain with this deeply penetrating hot & cold pack! See my REVIEW on how it can help you! 

          KIND Bars: Treat yourself to healthy snacks! See my REVIEW on how great these are for you!

Smushion Cushion: Rest your tired sore feet on this comfy cushion while you watch TV or read.
See my REVIEW about how comfy this is!

Check out this "I Love Me' Giveaway from my friend at Beautiful Incentive's! I so want to win this, but if I don't win, I would love it if one of my fans won!

Remember, you can't win if you don't enter :)


Treat your body to some very unique and healthy foods & vitamins! See my REVIEW on the HUGE variety they have in store for you!

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