I need your ideas...

7:46 AM

I am looking for ideas.....

First of all....I want to do some type of wall decal with words for my dining room...have any of you ever used something like this and who or what company would you recommend? I may go with the same company that I got my bedroom wall art from, which you will see a review on this week, but am looking for other ideas as well as recommendations.

Next, my girls room. We are working on their room next, currently the room they have is decorated with a football mural on the walls, so obviously we are changing it. Meagan is 16 ( Mentally disabled) and Cassie is 10. The have chosen the wall colors they want and we are also going with one wall in Whiteboard paint, the color is a soft Feather ( light pink) and I want to give the room a fresh new look for both of them that will last a few years but on a small budget, so I would love to hear your ideas.

Next on the agenda for ideas is easy to make and freeze meals. I will be having surgery soon and I need to plan ahead. I am looking to make quick and easy meals I can freeze so my kids can take turns with Dinner duty for a couple of weeks while i recuperate. 

So if you have any ideas for me, please share them, I want to hear!

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