Karen Murrell Lipstick!

8:14 AM

Karen Murrell has some amazing Lipstick!


Now, saying that is putting it mildly, because her Lipsticks are to die for! I have 4 colors, and each one is my favorite ( it's hard to choose because they are all so great)

Karen Murrell Lipsticks are all Organic, Natural and  have only Proven Safe Chemicals in them. The colors are vibrant and smooth and provide a very long lasting coverage.

I adore the packaging that each Lipstick has. It is cute and stylish and just really works for me in the wow department. 

As you can see in the picture below, each color is very distinctive and stands out.  

When ask what inspired her to create her Lipsticks, Karen Murrell answered as this:

“I have always had a love of colour cosmetics. I started by cutting my teeth formulating skincare and during that time I saw a gap in the market for a natural lipstick that was environmentally friendly yet functionally as good as any top international brand.”
“I often get asked what inspires me to create my lipsticks. It’s so many things from literature, fashion, plant and animal life, music, and my (and other people’s) moods. In fact pretty much everything! Having the space to think creatively is vitally important. New Zealand and my travels around the world inspire me.”

I can't wait to have the opportunity to try some more of her Lipsticks and I really want to try the Moisturizing stick as well because with the way Tennessee weather  wrecks havoc with your skin at times, I think this would be awesome for me as a daily moisturizing Lip product.

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