Kiss Kiss Darling Review & Giveaway

6:52 AM

I am a huge fan of fashion, especially affordable fashion.

I came across a site recently that I loved, Kiss Kiss Darling and the prices are so affordable. They have so much to choose from and it's all so Kiss Kiss!

I had the opportunity to review 3 products from Kiss Kiss Darling, and I absolutely loved them all.

The first, this cute and Stylish Pink Snap Bowtie  Bracelet is more than cute, it's adorable. I love pink and this can really dress up any outfit, even a simple pair of jeans and a shirt. It's well made, and very affordable and is actually something I would purchase to wear myself.

These earring remind me of the ball dropping on New Year's, except you can wear these year around. These Beeky Rhinestone Fireball  Stud earrings would be the perfect bling to add to your collection, and again, I love pink, so I can see myself in these and I actually had picked these out for myself , planning to buy them before I did the review. These cute little earrings can really go with anything, you can wear them for any season and match them with  a dress, shorts, jeans or whatever you choose.

 Beeky Rhinestone Fireball  Studs

Next up are these darling black and white Damsel Two-Toned Dangle Earrings. These earrings are classy and stylish and although you could wear them with anything, I would wear them with a cute little black dress and some heels or black maxi dress. These earrings are red carpet ready with a price tag so low you wouldn't believe!~

Damsel Two-Toned Dangle Earrings

  You can find great, classy and sassy yet affordable rings, earrings, watches, body jewelry and more at Kiss Kiss Darling Boutique to make your own style stand out!

I have a great giveaway from Kiss Kiss Darling for you guys so you can be as classy as you want to be!

1 person will win these cute two tones Damsel earrings and one person will win the adorable pink snap bracelet from Kiss Kiss Darling Boutique 

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