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7:06 PM

Do you or your kids frequently find yourself in knots...literally? The Knot Genie was made specifically for that problem, for your hair that is!

One of my daughters has super curly hair while the other has straight, thick hair. It becomes a battle six out of seven  days just to get the "rat's nest" as my Grandmother used to call it, out of their hair. We have tried detangling sprays, different  detangling brushes, leave in conditioners and every product without much success, then we tried the Knot Genie.

I love the look of the Knot Genie first of all because it easily fits in the palm of my hand for easier detangling, but it also just has a cool look to it like no other regular brush . The box itself looks pretty cool as well.

We started out using the Knot Genie on my daughter with the curly hair, I did not expect much success but I was wrong, while it did not get all of the knots out totally without some work, it did work much better than any other brush I had tried previously. The best part was, it took a lot less time and I did not hear half as much whining as normal, so that in itself was a huge plus in my book.

It worked just as well on Cassie's straight thick hair which we always have knots in, especially underneath in the back.  It seemed to work much better on her hair than it did with Meagan's, so I would say it gets an A+ for getting those "rat's nest" out of her hair.

Knot Genie comes in Pink, Purple, Blue and Green and also helps reduce split ends with it's uniquely designed bristles.

One of my lucky readers will win a Knot Genie for themselves!

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