LiteBrix Review

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I recently had the chance to review a cool toy, LiteBrix from TOYS R''s super cool, like Lego's except with light up capabilities!

Chris and the girls and I put this one together,the Lumi-Port Airport,  and I have to admit, I was not much help, the skill of putting things together never quiet took hold with me, but it was fun to try then watch Chris have to take it apart and re-do .

LiteBrix also works with other types of building blocks, including Lego's. LiteBrix is different because you use LiteBrix lighted building bricks, which feature four color LEDs that light up with color  when you plug in the double-cord battery pack, so both models can be lit at the same time. The building system includes special connector pieces to attach the Lite Brix to each other, so you can build the model on different angles, and translucent pieces that glow with color from the LEDs.

We really enjoyed putting this together and it sits on a shelf in my dining room right now as proof of our hard work.  The LiteBrix is a lot of fun and has several pro's and only a few con's. The Pros are that you can use other building blocks and add to it , the kids love the way it looks when finished and you light it up.

The Con's....the instructions were not very well laid out and you sometimes had to count how many you thought the instructions showed put together and the blocks were not easy to build together, they took some finesse.

Overall, I would say LiteBrix is a great product for the price and especially when you consider how much some of the other building sets are. My kids really enjoyed it and had fun with it, so I think it gets two thumbs up from my family!

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