Mineral Hygienics Makeup Review : My New Go-To!

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I have always wanted to try Mineral Makeup but had never taken the plunge so to speak.

I have now been using mineral Hygienics for about 3 weeks now, and I can't imagine ever using anything else anymore. 

It has always been hard for me to match my skin tone perfectly with other foundations and i always find it looks caked on or too shiny, but with Mineral Hygienics, I no longer have that problem. Using 2 of the combined mineral colors which came in my kit, I was able to match my skin tone to make the makeup look natural and now my skin simply radiates!

Mineral Hygienics makeup is also water proof Non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic so it won't clog pores or create acne lesions, thus allowing for a flawlessly smooth complexion.

I  have never had a great complexion, at least not since High School , but now when I wear my Mineral Hygienics, it looks as if I do.

 This is my face before Mineral Hygienics, as you can see I have dark spots, redness and more. when putting on liquid foundations, these spots seem to stand out instead of blend in and liquid foundation does not hide any of my imperfections.

Now, in this picture as you can see, almost all the imperfections are gone, no redness and it looks natural on me. I could wear it just as this picture shows and it would look like I have no makeup on and go for the all natural look, which is what I do some days when I simply do not want to contend with a "full face"

Mineral Hygienics makes it easy to apply other products as well, and they also carry a full line of  Cosmetics from eyes to lips. 

The picture below duplicities what what makeup looked like after applying my "full face" 

I did pull my hair back away from my face so you can see the full benefit of Mineral Hygienics. No caking when other products are applied, no shiny finish because I used Mineral Hygienics Sheer Perfection Velvet Finish finishing powder.

I love the fact that Mineral Hygienics does not contain harmful chemicals or harsh dyes and is perfect for those with sensitive skin.  Also, the shelf life of Mineral Hygienics is much longer than that of normal makeups because it is non-organic and does not allow mold or fungus to grow.

Mineral Hygienics requires very little product for each use, and is very easy to apply and the process of getting the colors even will soon come very easy for you after only a few tries. 

Mineral Hygienics has a process on the website to guide you through choosing the right shades of foundation for you based on your skin tones and they have everything from individual containers to small starter kits. I highly recommend going with a starter kit so that  you can get the full benefits and see how well Mineral Hygienics can work for you. 

You will be Red carpet Ready in just a few minutes!

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