My Issues with Sprint Wireless...I would love to hear your thoughts

10:29 AM

I have a Rant today...and the fact is, you all know how I love to be positive and tell you about all the great companies I have had a chance to work with. I have worked with Companies larger than Sprint ( Heck, Disney has them beat and I love working with Disney!)

Sprint is also one of the Sponsors of Survivor, which by the way, is my all time favorite show and one day if I can't be on the show, I will be in the audience of the live Finale lol

I have had Sprint cell service for 8 years. I started with just 1 line of service, and now have 4 lines ( they will not let me add more so we use another cell service for the other 3 phones we have) . We all have Smart Phones because it is important in business and with kids.  My bill for these 4 phones alone is over $200 per month. I understand that because of all the add-on's we have.

Here is where I have an issue...My phone that I use, was brand new 15 months ago....I have had to file an Insurance claim on it 2 times in those 15 months ( both times was because the phone was either freezing up or not functioning through no fault of my own), with the Insurance Company which is Asurion. Each time, I have had to pay $100 deductible on top of the $8 per month per phone I pay to Sprint for Insurance, Plus the original cost of the phone, I am now in this phone for over $800...craziness!!!

Now, 2 days  ago ( 57 days after my last insurance claim) The rivets on my phone which separate the front from the keyboard worked themselves out and my phone is hanging by a thread, literally...and I am told by Asurion, The Insurance company that the phone warranty was only good for 30 days and I have to pay another $100...really?????? So, I contact Sprint, who sends my info to escalations department..who tells me the same thing but offers me a $50 one time credit on my they want me to spend $50 for a 57 day old phone...which means I am up to $850 for one phone. I could buy a new IPhone for that much money!

Now, a year ago, I would have just said, forget it and purchased another phone through the Sprint Premier Customer Program where you earn credit toward a new phone and perks for each year of service...but ya know...Sprint discontinued that program as well....

Do I need a new wireless carrier ? It seems quiet likely at this point but I have over a year remaining on 2 of my contracts which would cost me boodles of money to cancel.

 This picture above is what my phone looks like just sitting on my desk...and the battery runs down in about 1 hour because it will not go in to sleep mode because it cannot properly close up.

Here you can see where the rivets have come loose and I cannot use my keyboard.

This is what happens when I pick it up...maybe I need to use Duct Tape on it so I can actually use it to make calls.

This 57 day old phone has never been dropped, never been in water, never been misused.

So, what would you do? I am considering filing a claim with the BBB...I would love to hear your thoughts!

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