OOFOS Review & Giveaway

6:45 AM

Do you want to feel the "OOF"...because you truly can with OOFOS shoes.

These Plum Clogs truly have changed the way I feel. As many of you know, I have back problems
( like many people do as well) as well as getting ready for Hip surgery in the near future. I always find at the end of the day not only do my feet hurt but my back and hip are always painful from constantly being on my feet.

Wearing my OOFOS for the past 5 days straight has made a huge impact on the overall exhaustion I normally feel each night.. The Foam in the OOFOS  is simply amazing. My OOFOS clogs have great arch support and yet it feels like I am walking on clouds.

I love the shock absorption that the OOFOS provide me with, knowing that I can go for a walk or simply do my housework and it all feels the same no matter what I am doing. The OOfoam technology they use really does make a huge difference. OOfoam compound absorbs 37% more impact to help relieve stress and fatigue from the body. I can't wait to try out the OOFOS Slides and Thongs once the weather turns warmer here in Tennessee.

If you are  constantly walking or moving and on the go then you know  how much your feet hurt at the end of a long day.... So imagine yourself walking barefoot on the soft sand.......once you can imagine that, then you can imagine walking in a pair of OOFOS.

OOFOS also come in Slides and Thong Sandals, for both Men and Women. They are also very flexible and can be machined washed as well, which is a big plus over any other Sandals and Clogs I have ever worn. You cannot ask for a more durable, lightweight shoe that brings you the ultimate in comfort as well as relaxation and recovery. What they say about the OOFOS is all true and while they may not come with bows and glitter, they come with ultimate comfort and they come in many different colors for you to choose from.

OOFOS is graciously offering one of my readers a chance to win a pair of OOFOS for themselves! 


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