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6:34 AM

I am big on Hand Sanitizer, especially with all these kids in my home. I am constantly saying wash your hands , use hand sanitizer or making sure they have their backpacks loaded with at least 1 bottle of Hand sanitizer and lotion.

I have always had to use lotion directly after using regular hand sanitizer because all that alcohol just dries my hands out, as it does my kids.

Not anymore! safeHands is an Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer and I am in love! My first thought was, how can it sanitize without alcohol, but after reading the bottle, it all made sense to me. The alcohol has instead been replaced with Benzalkonium Chloride which is not only germ killing but safe on hands.

safeHands comes in a variety of smells and not only makes your hands germ free but nice and fragrant as well, without having to add lotion after you use it.

As I said, I am very peculiar about making sure my kids and the adults in the house follow a strict hand washing and sanitizing routine because otherwise germs just gets passed around and around our home, especially with 6 kids still at home . I usually also carry baby wipes on top of the sanitizer and lotion in my cars, but no need for all 3 anymore because with safe hands, I know my kids hands are  getting the sanitation they need without having to prep ( baby wipes) sanitize and then lotion up. I can safely use safeHands as well without constantly worrying this humid Tennessee weather will work with regular sanitizer to dry my skin out.

safeHands have several different lines to choose from : safeHands, safeSquirts, safeTronics and safeWipes, and safePaws will be coming soon as well, which is another plus because all of my 4 legged family members need this as well.

safeSquirts comes in a variety of different scents and sizes and the price is very affordable. I love this line for my younger kids and it's easy for her to carry in her backpack , not to mention the fact she loves when other kids and Teachers ask her about it, because she has something different.

It is available in Pink ( Bubble Gum), Blue ( Cool Blue) and Green ( Tooty Fruity)

The safeHands Classic line is available is Clean Linen, Cucumber Mint and Unscented and also comes in a variety of sizes at a very affordable price.

I personally have not tried the safetronics or safewipes yet, but plan to do so in the near future. I think the safeTronics would be perfect for me because of all the electronics in my office and although I work from home, I am frequently out and about and come right back home and touch all of my electronics, so these would be great for me to use to wipe down all of my work equipment and not have to worry about catching germs, not to mention great for frequently wiping down my cell phones.

Overall, I have been pretty impressed with The entire safeHands line in which I have had the pleasure of trying so far.

safeHands has some great promotions, so make sure to sign up and subscribe to the emails  you can be the first to receive the great offers and special promotions just for subscribers.

safeHands is offering one of my readers a chance to win some safeHands for themselves!

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